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The Expert in Renting Exquisite Homes & Residences

Deluxe villas are rented and sold by Star Elite all over Barrie.

Star Elite provides an easy-to-navigate website for potential buyers and visitors to buy homes and rent apartments for an optimal experience. We desire to become a thought leader in the real estate industry to help home hunters seeking a new residence.

We implement our home sales process strategically to show you that we are perfect for selling extravagant homes of your choice. The buyer would love our elite home staging and hassle-free paperwork process that goes smoothly.

Home hunters find Star Elite a prime choice to purchase houses in Barrie that fit their budget and make their lives comfortable. We have realtors with in-depth knowledge who will guide you suitably.



"I had a positive experience with Star Elite. They helped me purchase a new apartment in Barrie. The agent was confident and calm along the way and it turned out well throughout the process."

Lily M


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